Our foundation is in charge of evaluating the operating models of these academies so that if they meet the requirements, they can receive support that allows them to offer a better quality in terms of accommodation, food, education and sports training.

The help we provide these academies with can guarantee that athletes in developing ages as baseball prospects can have the necessary tools that will allow them to grow as functional human beings, so that in case they do not achieve their dreams of becoming major league baseball players, they have the necessary educational level that allows them to continue their studies in high schools or universities in order to then enter the labor market as men of good for society


TOP 10 FOUNDATION is strongly commitment to the education of baseball prospects in the Dominican Republic, firmly believing it is the best guarantee for them to develop their sporting potential to the maximum.

We finance academy projects that have a management model where prospects receive daily education in technologically equipped classrooms and from the hands of highly trained teachers with whom they can follow the corresponding academic curriculum for their ages, according to the provisions of Dominican authorities.


Financial education: The Foundation has an orientation program for major league prospects to guide them on how to use the money they would receive from their bonuses from contracts with MLB teams.

This program helps prospects administrate their resources, so that shortly after having received large sums of money for their contracts, the players and their families haven’t spent all the money.

With this orientation they are given the guidelines to use and invest the money wisely, so that they can guarantee to live out of poverty for many years, thanks to have being signed.

Education on human values:

The TOP 10 Foundation has also created complementary education programs in civic training.

With this we look for professionals who guide young prospects regarding how to handle themselves in their private lives, knowledge of ethical and moral management, management of their figure in front of the media and also management of social networks.

The values ​​training program allows prospects to have a complementary educational training that helps them become better professionals, both on the field and in their daily lives.


The Dominican Republic is a developing country and many of the baseball prospects come from lower social strata, so our foundation focuses on being able to assign them food items that allow athletes to have the recommended nutrition for their growth and sports performance.

Our organization also ensures that the dining areas of the academies that we support have the necessary equipment to guarantee a correct distribution of food, with the required hygiene standards that safeguard the health of the athletes.

Periodic evaluations of the nutritional diet of these athletes are carried out with nutrition advisers, to be able to guarantee that the food services have the necessary nutrients and proteins, as well as a correct balanced diet and variety day by day.